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During the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, women (Muslim, Croat and women who did not support the activities of the Serb Chetnik's) were brutally raped and suffered grotesque forms of physical torture at the hands of enemy soldiers. Rape was systematically used as a weapon of biological genocide to separate women from their communities; to create and atmosphere of shame, defilement and general disempowerment (and to impregnate women with the 'Serbian Seed'); and finally, to humiliate the families of raped women. Women of all ages were raped, some were only eleven to twelve years old and often these children died from the extremes of the assaults.

Rape was the one component of encompassing physical and mental intrusion. All raped victims were witness to other forms of torture, which in itself composes a framework for traumatization.

So widespread and bizarre was the sexual torture that after the Bosnian war, The Hague Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia ruled rape as a violation of human rights and a crime against humanity.

Most of these women have never enjoyed the benefits of psychological care. Many have also never been able to speak of their experiences both from shame and fear of abandonment by their families. It is not unusual for a wife to never tell her husband that she was raped and that their child is a consequence of such an intrusion. It is also not unusual for children to keep their suffering to themselves and to accept abuse at home as natural. Those who have the good fortune to receive some sort of psychological care retain many symptoms because the treatment needs to be more intense.