Dobrodošli / Welcome



The main mission of ACCTS is to return as many members as possible to a normal life, so that we too can be participants in civil society and take responsibility for our future.

Tasks of ACCTS, Canton Sarajevo:


  • Gather information in conjunction with the Center for Research and Documentation and in cooperation with The Hague Tribunal regarding the concentration and detention camps, including: the living conditions in the camps; the treatment of the inmates; and information regarding those who were killed or who are still missing.

  • Monitor the living situation of individuals who have experienced torture and to the challenges they face in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovinan society through educational programs and the media.

  • The fundamental task of ACCTS is finding proper psychological and physical resources for members, since survivors of concentration camps are not entitled to any legal rights or benefits granted to other segments of the population and therefore thrust to the margins of society in Bosnia-Herzegovina.